Welcome and thanks for reading!

My name is Alana Hopkein and I am crazy about volleyball, street art and yes, COFFEE.

I live in Lansing, Michigan with my darling Cosmo (a golden retriever) and my espresso machine, coffee grinder and coffee beans.

I work full time as a barista and I just love what I do. I think I have the best job in the world. It is really very satisfying when you make a living doing things that you are really passionate about. I consider myself lucky.

I just love the smell of coffee. Nothing beats the smell of coffee in the morning! Coffee making is an art and I am in love with this form of art.

People call me a morning magician. They think that I do some sort of magic that I make such a great tasting coffee that changes their mood like magic.

I call myself a coffee scientist. I love experimenting to get better tasting coffee. A lot of effort goes into making a great cup of coffee. It’s not an easy job.

People are touchy about coffee and I love to put a smile on their faces.

I started Cwoffee.com to share my love for coffee with the world.

Hope you would enjoy reading!